Martell’s Landing and Education Center and Nancy Brown are excited to present Gabriele (Red Eagle Woman) Kushi. Gabriele will present her Red Cedar Circle for Women. This Red Cedar Circle is based on the ancient Shamanic Songs, Dances and Teachings of the Pacific Northwest Spiritual Tradition called SiSiWiss (Sacred Breath, Sacred Life) and has been passed down for hundreds of years by the Native Elders of this land. Saturday, May 25, 1-6PM. For more information, contact Nancy or John

Gary Ten Bear

Gary Ten Bear at Martell’s Landing

Spend the afternoon listening to the teachings of Gary Ten Bear and enjoy the benefits of a Sweat Lodge after. The day will finish with a pot luck feast.
Martell’s Landing Education Center
Starts at noon Saturday, April 20Gary Ten Bear
Suggested donation $30.00

Ten Bear is an enrolled member of the Apsaalooke (Crow) tribe of Montana and is a descendent of the Anishinabe (Ojibwa). He is a member of the Whistling Water Clan of the Apsaalooke and the Wolf Clan of the Ojibwa.
Ten Bear received the rite to perform the Healing Flute Ceremony along with the Drumming Medicine Wheel Ceremony. He has spent five years in the Alaska bush with two years in solitude as part of his Vision Quest seeking closer relations with the Creator. He has spent fourteen years in the Sonora Desert of Arizona working with the Tohono O’odham and the Pascua Yaqui. He received the Flute Rite after making four pilgrimages to the sacred cave of I’itoi, located at the base of Baboquivari Mountain.
Ten Bear has participated in 6 Apsaalooke Sundances, 16 Lakota Sundances and1 Anishinabe “Finding Peace in Your Heart Ceremony”. He has received the rite to conduct both Sweatlodge Ceremonies and Pipe Ceremonies.
Ten Bear will guide you into the medicine wheel connection thru Native American Practices and Ceremonies. The journey will bring focus to your mind, body, soul and Spirit as you gather power from these Ceremonies. When the connection is achieved in the four areas, the individual becomes centered or balanced. Practices of the Ceremonies result in the development of the six and seven senses.