Stock Market Speculation Definition & Examples

what is speculation trading

But in the case of the futures market, they could just as easily sell first and later buy at a lower price. In 1935, the Indian government passed a law allowing the government partial restriction and direct control of food production (Defence of India Act, 1935). It included the ability to restrict or ban the trading in derivatives on food commodities. After achieving independence in 1947, India in the 1950s continued to struggle with feeding its population and the government increasingly restricted trading in food commodities. Just at the time the Forward Markets Commission was established in 1953, the government felt that derivative markets increased speculation, which led to increased food costs and price instabilities. In 1953 it finally prohibited options- and futures-trading altogether.[21] The restrictions were not lifted until the 1980s.

what is speculation trading

After the breaking news that a new CEO was installed who was held very favorable in the community, the stock price will skyrockets. Now, the aforementioned investors will sell their stocks on the same day, profiting on this gain. There are different types of trading that you can perform by using your strategies and ideas.

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✅ Liquidate the market

These traders buy securities with the understanding that they will be held for only a short period before selling. Let’s consider a large stable multinational company as an example of investing. This company may pay a consistent dividend that increases annually, and it may have a low business risk. An investor may choose to invest in this company over the long-term to make a satisfactory return on their capital while taking on relatively low risk.

If the trader chooses only to buy stock, there will be a long position of 40 shares ($2,000/$50). However, by using options, the trader could control 10,000 shares with the same $2,000 investment ($2,000/$0.20), hence, the power of leverage. A share of XYZ stock costs $50 and an XYZ call option (with a strike price of $60 that expires in one month) costs $0.20 per share.

If the speculator is correct and the asset’s price increases substantially, they will be able to close out of the position and realize a gain. The gain would be equal to the difference between the strike price and the market value, plus any remaining time value remaining on the option. When you speculate, you buy assets (such as stocks or commodities) with no current intention of selling them. When you trade, you’re buying assets to eventually sell them for profit.

Hedging vs. Speculation FAQs

In the case of a corporate bond, it comes down to the credit rating of the company. Speculators are vulnerable to both the downside and upside of the market; therefore, speculation can be extremely risky. But when they win, how to hedge against inflation they can win big—unlike hedgers, who aim more for protection than for profit. For example, a trader who expects that the Dollar will appreciate against the Swiss Franc over a specific period of time would go long USD/CHF.

For example, assume that a company specializes in producing jewelry and it has a major order due in six months, one that uses a lot of gold. The company is worried about the volatility of the gold market and believes that gold prices may increase substantially in the near future. In order to protect itself from this uncertainty, the company could buy a six-month futures contract in gold. This way, if gold experiences a 10% price increase, the futures contract will lock in a price that will offset this gain. Examine some of the best technical indicators utilised by traders worldwide. Take advantage of these techniques when conducting technical analysis of the markets.

By contrast, speculators make calculated guesses on which way the value of a financial asset will move, and then use that to guide their investing strategy. Speculation often involves high-risk investments that may have potential for significant gains (or losses). Buy-and-hold investors generally make money when the stocks they’ve invested in go up in price. That’s not necessarily the case with speculation — Some speculators have made money by expecting a market fall and selling before it happens.

Is speculative trading risky?

Trading by speculators can also have a dramatic impact on short-term foreign exchange prices. Although currency speculation can indeed be profitable, it comes with a very high risk of loss. Speculators try to figure out when one currency is undervalued and another is overvalued. In some circles, the terms speculation and investment are used interchangeably. But, practically, there are some key differences in the level of risk and the types of financial instruments used between investors and speculators.

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  • The oil company may have very little history and financial records but is trying out a new piece of technology that makes oil cleaner when extracting.
  • Long put options enable the holder to sell an asset at a pre-determined price.

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Types Of Speculators

This information is neither individualized nor a research report, and must not serve as the basis for any investment decision. Before making decisions with legal, tax, or accounting effects, you should consult appropriate professionals. Information is from sources deemed reliable on the date of publication, but Robinhood does not guarantee its accuracy. A bear speculator expects that the price of a particular stock will be falling soon and sells before that happens. One past example is Jess Livermore, an American day trader who sold $100M of investments right before the 1929 stock market crash. Speculation is a risky investment strategy for many investors because it involves attempting to predict what the market will do in the future.

The decision-making process for speculative investors can vary wildly in terms of sophistication. Some speculators base their investing decisions on social media groups and memes. This was, and still is, the primary driver behind the surge in stock price for companies like GameStop and AMC Theaters. Both companies were mired in financial trouble and at different points rumoured to file for bankruptcy prior to 2021. Investopedia does not provide tax, investment, or financial services and advice.

Day trading involves buying and selling financial instruments, such as stocks, currencies, or commodities, within the same trading day, with the aim of profiting from short-term price fluctuations. Day traders typically close all their positions before the market closes to avoid overnight risks. Since day trading focuses on short-term market movements rather than long-term fundamental value, it is considered speculative in nature. It’s important to note that day trading carries significant risks and requires a high level of discipline, knowledge, and experience.

Speculation and the Bond Market

Income can be in the form of the underlying asset appreciating in value, in periodic dividends or interest payments, or in the full return of their spent capital. The internet and financial media may encourage speculation, but that doesn’t mean you should follow the herd. Successful speculating takes a lot of skill, time, and experience to master, which most people who work outside of the financial industry don’t have. A more passive approach is likely to yield better results once dividends and long-term capital growth are considered. Finally, building a community of traders that you trust, and analyzing their trades, is a valuable resource. Consider building a list of successful traders on X (formerly Twitter) and/or Facebook.

Success or failure depends primarily on chance, or on uncontrollable (external) forces or events. Whenever a person spends money with the expectation that the endeavor will return a profit, they are investing. In this scenario, a reasonable judgment is made after a thorough investigation that the endeavor has a good probability of success. For example, the exchange rate of the US dollar can be traded relative to more than a dozen other currencies worldwide.

Speculators believe that the market overreacts to a host of variables. Bond speculation involves buying junk bonds, which are typically issued by companies with low credit ratings. Junk bonds also tend to have a higher coupon rate (aka interest rate), meaning the investor has the potential to make more money.

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